vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Heavy, Like a Child

Heavy, Like a Child

Oh you're heavy, like a child
like a pony no one tames
with your sunshine eyes so wild
I've heard all your silent names

Close your eyes, you're on your own
you can do it if you try
don't forget your good-luck stone
spread your wings and fly

There are strangers in your voice
and they're waiting for a word
there's no children for your toys
and your silence no one's heard

Close your eyes, you're on your own
you could do it if you'd try
you're afraid to be alone
did you ever wonder why?

And the cities made you cruel
I got wounded by your smile
my children may call me a fool
I'll stay with you for a while

But the cities made you cruel
yes, the cities made you cruel
they made you cruel
they made, they made you cruel

(Music: Ruud Wortman & Jack van Liesdonck, lyrics: Hans Marynissen)
(Uit: 'Dawn Dancer - Flyte', vinyl, Don Quixote Records, Roosendaal 1979 -
vinyl, Don Quixote Records / Edison, Japan - cd, Musea, Rotonfey, France 1994 -
cd, Si-Wan Records, South Korea 1994 - vinyl, Belle Antique, Japan 2012)

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